Inspired by Olivia is the new collection from Scottish based fashion designer, Kairen Alexis Ruse. Kairen’s cousin was the legendary Hollywood actress Olivia De Havilland and as a tribute to this truly amazing woman, Kairen has designed this Collection in her memory. Olivia was a strong advocate of equality, and took the unprecedented decision to stand up to the male dominated world of 1950’s Hollywood leaving a lasting legacy that would go on to benefit future acting generations.

Olivia was a strong advocate of equality

At the heart of the Inspired by Olivia collection is an ethos and strong belief that every woman is a star, every woman is unique, every woman has the ability to be what she wants to be and that every woman can fulfil her full potential no matter what life throws at her and it’s our mission to be a part of that through our collection.

About Olivia de Havilland

To many, Olivia will always be known as a leading actress from the 1950’s Hollywood era which is often regarded as an iconic period in twentieth-century cinematic history, but to me, Olivia was much more than a legendary Hollywood actress who took on the male-dominated industry, won what was not an easy battle, and in turn left a lasting legacy for future acting generations, she was family, she was my cousin, she was my friend.

Olivia was one of those people who took a genuine interest in what was going on in your life, what you were doing and always made you feel at ease. I can fondly remember going to meet Olivia at her beautiful home in Paris with my daughter Lucy and not wanting to leave. She was a fascinating person both on-screen and off-screen, gracious, sincere, always the epitome of elegance. She really was a true inspiration in every sense of the word, and I feel an enormous sense of privilege not only being related to Olivia but for knowing the woman, my friend, and my cousin to whom I dedicate our new Inspired By Olivia collection.